How do I test my speed?

Double click the Download Speed Tester icone on your desktop, then click the big Test button.

Is Download Speed Tester free?

Yes. Download it and use it for as long as you want!

What are Download speed and Upload speed? Why do I need 2 speeds?

Well, internet traffic is a 2 way street, and each direction has a speed of its own. When you sign up with an ISP, they ususally refer to your speed using only the Download figure (e.g. 15MB) but the Upload speed is included, and is usually much less than the Download speed. This is because most of the time you are using the Download speed. Upload speed is mostly necessary if you send a lot of big files and need to be quick about it.

What do I have to do the get more speed? Where is the gas pedal? How fast can I get?

Well. the gas pedal is in your wallet. Call your ISP and tell him you want more speed. He's got plenty. Average Download speeds range between 5-15Mbps, while proffessional connections can go as high as 100 and much more in some cases.

What is Mbps?

Mbps is Mega bit per second. MBps is Mega Bytes per second. Bytes are different units then bits. The same way that a milimeter is different than a centimeter or an inch is different than a foot. 1 Byte = 8 bits. So when you pay for a 12 Mbps connection its the same as saying 1.5MBps.

Does Download Speed Tester have any special system requirements?

Download Speed Tester runs on all Mac computers and OS X versions without any special requirements

How do I uninstall Download Speed Tester?

On your Mac, go to the Applications folder, and drag the Download Speed Tester folder to the trash bin. For detailed instructions visit our uninstall page.

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