Download Speed Tester

A clever little app to make testing your network connection speed a one click experience.


· Compatible with Mac OS X ·

Fast ⇓Find out your connection-speed with one speed

Accessible ⇓Why should you need to open a browser, click a bookmark, wait for everything to load, suffer through web pages cluttered with commercials?

Smart ⇓Download speed, upload speed, latency, jitter, host details and more.

Our Goal

We believe in simple, beautiful things, that work. Our goal is to make the internet experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible... this is what the Pronto product line is all about.

We made Download Speed Tester to do exactly that, test your connection speed in one easy click, right from your desktop. We made it small, quick and accurate, and we made it beautiful... because what is the point otherwise?

And if you want to go techie and dig deeper, just try the Options There you can customize and dig deeper into your connection details.

Give it a try! Give yourself a treat!

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